Spectacular Education Cruise aboard the MSC Divina: A Unique Experience for Privileged Members

The MSC Divina welcomes members of the Yacht Club today for a Spectacular Education cruise, offering an exceptional setting on the fully privatized deck number 15 for this occasion. This exclusive space, reserved for privileged passengers, promises intensive training conditions in a luxurious and comfortable environment.

Upon entering the Yacht Club area, passengers discover a sumptuous atmosphere, enhanced by a dedicated concierge and tasteful decor. This setting is conducive to moments of relaxation and reflection, with facilities such as private jacuzzis, a pool, and relaxation areas.

The journey continues with a visit to the wellness and fitness facilities. On board, members benefit from a well-equipped gym with a breathtaking view of the sea, ideal for staying fit while enjoying the maritime landscape.

Passengers will also have access to the meeting room, specially arranged for Spectacular Education conferences, always with a sea view. Topics discussed include "mobilis in mobile" a reflection on how to live and develop in a constantly moving society, using the allegory of a mobile ship in a moving element. This program, initially planned but postponed due to COVID restrictions, is now resumed on MSC ships.

Themes of resilience and anti-fragility will also be at the heart of discussions, as well as the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and society. The conferences will delve into managing artificial intelligence, its appropriation, and possible career opportunities.

These high-value thematic conferences are led by personalities from the intellectual and artistic world. Topics are explored in-depth each morning from 10:00 AM to noon, followed by informal discussions in the afternoon to allow participants to deepen the explored themes.

Guests can also enjoy the various amenities of the MSC Divina, such as the water park and the ship's common areas, while having access to spaces reserved for the 200 privileged members of the Yacht Club.

The MSC Divina also offers recreational activities for all ages, including a Formula 1 simulator and a dynamic cinema. Younger guests can have fun in the mini club, while adults enjoy restaurants offering spectacular sea views and varied menus.

The cruise ends with a discreet visit to the onboard casino, where passengers can try their luck in an elegant and subdued atmosphere. The organizers hope this presentation will encourage many cruise enthusiasts to join MSC Spectacular Education voyages for privileged moments, combining personal development and luxurious comfort.

In short, this cruise aboard the MSC Divina promises an enriching and unforgettable experience, blending high-level training, relaxation, and discovery.