Luxury Concierge "Suntuosidad" in Spain

Presentation of the Concierge
The "Suntuosidad" concierge was founded in 2022 and has about twenty employees spread between France and Spain. It specializes in providing luxury services, including hair salons, spas, and an experienced multidisciplinary team. Its goal is to guarantee a quality service through the expertise of its professionals.
Services Offered
"Suntuosidad" offers a wide range of luxury services, including villa and apartment rentals, Sothys brand spas, a Franck Provost hair salon, luxury vehicles (limousines, SUVs, "Young Timers" vehicles), boat rentals including super yachts, and a 20-meter yacht project that will sail in the Mediterranean between the Balearic Islands and Greece from 2025.
Organization of Services
The rental management process begins with privileged initial contact, either in person or online. The team identifies the client's needs and coordinates necessary services, including real estate search, administrative formalities management, and organization of travel and personalized concierge services.
Client Profiles and Expectations
"Suntuosidad" clients are diverse, including international travelers seeking cultural experiences in Spain, luxury golf enthusiasts, and vintage car enthusiasts. They choose "Suntuosidad" for expert assistance and personalized service.
Team Profile
The "Suntuosidad" team consists of 20 professionals with diverse qualifications, including a development engineer and doctor of management sciences, professional concierges, community managers, experienced managers, accountants, experts in automobiles, private aviation, nautical, and real estate, as well as experts in boat maintenance and repair.
Company Values and Commitment
"Suntuosidad" stands out for its values of excellence and discretion, aiming to anticipate and meet clients' implicit needs. The company distinguishes itself with a holistic vision, offering a continuous and homogeneous luxury experience, unlike the fragmented services of its competitors.
Future Projects
"Suntuosidad" projects include expansion in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Balearic Islands), the development of new businesses (real estate, boat rentals, vehicle fleet), strengthening renowned brands (Franck Provost Paris, Sothys Paris), and expanding the North American clientele.

In summary, "Suntuosidad" is dedicated to offering a complete and personalized luxury concierge service, with a highly qualified team and ambitious projects to meet the expectations of its demanding clients.

Dr. Yannick BARDIE MSc PhD President Enjoy Catalunya SL TorreMirona Golf Company Club