Focusing on Experience and Emotion

Each client is unique, and Suntuosidad understands this well. Its goal is to make people happy by providing all the services that could fulfill them. To achieve this, the concierge team in France and Spain consists of about twenty members, all experts in their field: real estate, luxury, nautical, automotive, hairdressing, aesthetics, culture, etc. Typically, Suntuosidad maintains long-lasting relationships with its wealthy clients who initially come to rent a villa but discover a whole universe of possibilities thanks to the Enjoy Catalunya group, of which Suntuosidad is a part. They need to rent private jets or yachts, organize exclusive parties, and the concierge service can meet their expectations, even exceed them. In Spain, it is not so common to find such a high-end gem to meet the needs of a premium clientele, as this country has long focused on mass tourism. Thanks to Suntuosidad and Enjoy Catalunya more broadly, the group is creating new services that did not exist or were very limited. In this sense, the concierge service’s reputation has quickly developed because Suntuosidad is a reference spread by word of mouth.

Suntuosidad Elevates Concierge Services to New Heights

Founded on the Costa Brava in 2022, the luxury concierge service has expanded its offerings to include a variety of high-end services for its clients.

From luxury villas to yachting, beauty, wellness, and leisure. Integrated into the Enjoy Catalunya group, the company offers its own luxury villas and apartments for rent, Sothys brand spas located on the Torremirona golf course, and a Franck Provost hair salon at the same location. Suntuosidad also provides luxury vehicles such as SUVs and a limousine, as well as a fleet of “Young Timers” vehicles for travelers to rent. Additionally, Suntuosidad has signed contracts with boat owners of all sizes, including super yachts, enabling boat rental services for clients. Furthermore, the group is currently developing a 20-meter accessible yacht project that will sail in the Mediterranean, between the Balearic Islands and Greece, starting in 2025. This project aims to offer an unforgettable luxury cruise experience in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. To complement this already impressive offer, the concierge service can organize private or professional events for its clients, whether it be a wedding, a corporate seminar, a golf stay, or a cultural trip, particularly related to the appeal of the painter Salvador Dalí in the region.

Collaborating and Investing in the Group

Thus, a real business club is developing with investors and entrepreneurs who rent, then sometimes buy a property that they entrust to Suntuosidad for management or invest in group projects. Some bring ideas and open doors to other territories. In fact, Enjoy Catalunya’s goal would be to export its high-end model throughout Spain with experiential tourism in Madrid, Malaga, the Balearic Islands, or Santiago de Compostela. A franchise system could be considered, allowing local talent to develop, such as hairdressers and beauticians to join the Franck Provost salons and Sothys spas of the group, as well as drivers, skippers, building and decoration professionals, etc. Moreover, in a city like Benidorm, Enjoy Catalunya envisions the future Miami with executives working in the seafront buildings while enjoying a coastal lifestyle. It is worth noting that, especially since the pandemic and the development of remote work, Spain has attracted many “digital nomads” who want to live in the South and work in the North. For these senior executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, the country lacks services that meet their expectations. And this is precisely what Suntuosidad intends to address through joint development with its partners, clients, and local stakeholders in the coming years.

The group's activities include:

promoting networking events,
connecting professionals,
disseminating business opportunities,
and publishing relevant information about the local market.