An exceptional evening at Doble V with the Alpine Center of Béziers and the fiery rhythms of the Gipsy.

Doble V with the Alpine Center

Empuriabrava, April 26, 2024

Last Friday, the Doble V, a renowned grill restaurant in Empuriabrava, buzzed with the excitement of an extraordinary automotive and musical event. The event featured the participation of the Alpine Center from Béziers, which showcased 25 stunning Alpine A110s, turning the parking lot into a veritable open-air exhibition.

Upon arriving at Doble V, guests were greeted by the spectacular sight of these jewels of French engineering, brilliantly aligned, their gleaming bodies reflecting the last rays of the setting sun. Car enthusiasts and the curious alike had the chance to get up close, take photos, and discuss the unique features of each model on display.

But the evening was not just about admiring these mechanical wonders. The festive atmosphere was fueled by the Gipsy, a renowned group who set the stage on fire with their lively music. Their gypsy rhythms invited everyone to dance, creating a friendly and electrifying atmosphere. The vibrant melodies, combined with the elegant setting of the restaurant, provided attendees with an immersive experience where car culture and passion met perfectly.

The staff at Doble V ensured that all guests were served exquisite dishes and refreshing drinks, adding a gourmet touch to the evening. Between car showcases and dance sessions, guests enjoyed local and international specialties, meticulously prepared by the restaurant's chefs.

The event not only strengthened the bonds among Alpine enthusiasts in the region but also attracted visitors from all walks of life, curious to discover the fusion of automotive culture and local festivities. Ultimately, the evening of April 26 will remain etched in memory as a moment of sharing and celebration, highlighting once again that Doble V is a place where passion and pleasure meet.

For those who missed this memorable evening, Doble V and the Alpine Center from Béziers promise more events in the future, continuing to offer unique experiences to their community. Stay tuned!